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Got a question? Here you will find the answers (or a place to ask any questions)!

Before asking, please the rules page and below to make sure your question hasn't been answered first!

Comments will be deleted once they are answered and transferred to this post, so don't panic (freak out) if you no longer see your comment.

If someone else has claimed [insert claim here] already, does that mean I can't claim it?
It depends. If there is only one claim already for it, then yes, you can claim it, however, you have to use the other themes/card as the rule is 1 subject per card. That mean's if for example, Buffy & Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer has already been claimed using card #2, then you can claim it, but using card #1. If it's been claimed twice, with cards #1 and #2, then it can't be claimed anymore until those claims have dropped off.

If something I want to claim has already been claimed twice, can I get on a waitlist for it?
Yes, you can sign up for a claim that's already been claimed twice -- just fill out the portion of the claim form where it says "Waitlist?" and say yes. You will be contacted once it opens up to see if you are still interested in it (if you have an open claim spot).

What theme(s) do I need to start with?
You can start anywhere on your bingo card!

Do I have to make an icon for every theme?
Yes, but you have 1 year to complete your 100 icons.

How many claims are you allowed at one time?
At this point, you're allowed to have a maximum of TWO claims. However, neither of the claims can be from the same fandom.

Can you make animated icons for the theme?
Sure! Animated/Still or a mix of the two. Whatever works for you as long as it fits the claim and theme.

If a relationship has been claimed from say Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire -- does that man we can't claim them anymore from other movies?
No! You can claim say Harry & Hermione from the first Harry Potter movie, the second, third, etc and even the overall series!

What kind of relationships are allowed?
ANY and ALL from book/movie/tv fandoms. Meaning; family, friends, romantic, etc -- even people who hate each other! :)

Do you consider shows like CSI, Stargate, Star Trek, etc the same fandom or are they separate?
No, they are separate. So, you can sign up for something from say CSI and CSI: Miami.
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